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Learn how to make e-commerce through Amazon work for you and your local business

  How to Make e-commerce through Amazon Work for you and your local business  When you think of how to thrive as a local business, you probably don't think of incorporating a platform like Amazon into your strategy. Everything about Amazon these days seems to point it to being a small business crusher and in some ways it really can be, but what if you could make Amazon work for you and your small business? Recently, our co-founder Lisa McNab was interviewed for podcast called Conquer Local by the tech company Vendasta in Saskatoon. She says, "  Ninety percent of the products that are on Amazon are by individual merchants and businesses like myself. They only sell maybe 10 or so percent of their actual own products, but majority of people on there are just regular people like us." As menacing as Amazon has been to local businesses, it is also presents some serious ways for small business to re strategize and create new streams of income in an era where e-commerce and the d

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